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Hi, I’m Pedro Segundo

For those of you that have stumbled upon my blog let me formally introduce myself.

My name is Pedro Segundo, and I’m an all-around adventurous guy that likes to have fun, make new friends, and gain new experiences. Of my newest hobbies is making money online.

Being an ordinary college student pursuing a mindset of getting a job in my industry after graduation I made a thought on June 10th 2018 that “there is more to life than a 9-5 job.”

All I want is to be able to spend more time with friends, family and my community by doing everything I can to help them in every way, shape, and form. While I make a living doing what I love and not being trapped into Corporate America.

Trust me guys when I tell you this. I thought to get a six-figure salary was the dream but I started to think, why limit myself to just six-figures when there is a lot more that can be made. Don’t undervalue yourself. Everyone is special in their own little nifty way 🙂

Being drilled this mentality to go to college, get good grades, and get a job is what is slowing down our youth’s creativity to find other untapped resources to get what you gain from college.

Don’t be that person.

Go out and develop an app you think is cool besides what is the worst thing that could happen? You fail and start over! I am not advising you to drop out or not go to college. I am simply telling you that there are other ways to achieve the dreams that you want.

My story has just begun and has great potential to reach the heights that I dream of. This blog was made to document my experiences and journey on this adventure we call life.

I will be updating this blog two times a week on everything that has to do with my experiences, lessons learned, and tips on how you can improve your life today!

So why not sit back, get yourself a bag of popcorn, maybe get a pen and paper to take notes for the serious ones out there and enjoy. This is about to be one heck of a ride. If you want to learn more about me click down below.

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