Life After Being A Division One Athlete

My whole life I have seen myself as an athlete. From the days that I can remember to the days that I live today, it has always been as an athlete. Playing it for so long is something that has defined the person that I am today.

In this blog post, I will talk about the life after Division 1 athletics and things that hinder the growth of many college soccer players around the nation that lead to giving up on the sport.

Being an athlete particularly a soccer player was easy because not only did I love playing but I always was pretty good at it. What I didn’t plan for was what would happen to my identify if I didn’t play soccer anymore.

In high school, soccer became more important to my identity than ever. Being a freshman, I played soccer and ran track as well.

Corinth Holders Soccer 2015
Corinth Holders Soccer 2015

All the way to my senior year, I was recruited to play Division 1 soccer. All the hard work I had put had finally been paid off. The whole time I would play, the thought of being able to play Division 1 soccer was the whole goal.

Everyone on my club team strived for the same goal… play at the next level. Sports had mattered to me for so long that whenever getting that opportunity to play in college meant that is was well worth it.

My schoolwork was important as well but I never really pushed myself to do better than the requirements. I personally felt that I couldn’t find an identity in the classroom. I never really like going the extra mile, studying, and sometimes even doing homework due to soccer being a priority over school. Don’t get me wrong, I was a good student that received good grades, but yet, my mind most of the time would be filled with thoughts elsewhere.

After having different considerations, I chose Appalachian State would be the best fit for me in athletics and academics. I liked the scene in Boone and the mountains are what made it for me.

What Doing College at Appalachian State Is About – Boone, NC

The Start of College Athletics

Appalachian State Men's Soccer Fall 2016
Appalachian State Men’s Soccer Fall 2016

When I started this whole “college athlete” back in August 2016, I had many competitive factors involved, but in my mind, I was determined to work hard. I would push myself but found myself finishing near to last in many of our training.

The thought of doubt once again worked its way into my head. I began to think “why can’t I see success in something that was important to me?”

With having struggles finding success on the field, the coaching staff was everything but helpful in my situation. Instead of going for a sense of motivation and feedback, I was given very negative and pessimistic views.

It seems as, in collegiate soccer, the level of coaching goes down and coaches only focus on the factors that DON’T make a good soccer player. Training would focus on fitness levels rather than technical drills. In my honest opinion, yes you do need to have a strong fitness level but it is a waste if you have good fitness but can’t even complete a pass.

I was some of the few players that had a strong technical ability but as fitness was emphasized the most than any factor, I began to face struggles in the long run.

There was not one moment on the field that I did something good or was making strides to our ultimate goal. It was always negative and as a player, you get discouraged.

I face this struggle amongst other players that have been in my shoes. The misfortune of not finding joy in the game that you have always loved and played was beginning to fade for me.

I no longer saw joy in playing and every morning the thought of training was seen as a daunting task then an event I would look forward to in pre-college years.

Although I was faced with loads of adversity, I knew that I could not give up that easily on my goals.

Throughout the season, I had been making strides on my fitness, technical ability and my overall winning mindset that was engraved every minute of the day.

I noticed huge changes in my fitness and style of play after a working season at Appalachian. The time came for the 1-month off-season of winter break and I knew this was a huge opportunity for me. There was only one goal the whole break and that was to achieve the holy grail of our fitness test, the 2-mile, 1-mile, 1-mile. 

Fitness Test of Utter Death

Life of Pedro Segundo
Fitness Test for Appalachian State Men’s Soccer

Our fitness test consisted of

  • 2 miles under 12 minutes
  • 6-minute break
  • Another 1 mile under 6 minutes 
  • 6-minute break
  • And Another 1 more mile under 6 minutes 

Boy, was this a nightmare!

Now think about the physical and mental capacity you need to have to accomplish this. It’s nuts! Comment down below if you are able to run this today. I’m curious to see who is able to do this if there is any Jake Chasteen’s reading this right now.

During the pre-season, I finished with a 12:52 two-mile, 6:45 mile, 6:39 mile. These were pretty good results but they weren’t enough to compete at the Division 1 level. During our winter break, I knew this was the chance for me to come back stronger.

Working on fitness every day and making huge improvements on this test, I knew coming back on the first day of the off-season was up for grabs.

First day back, I was so determined and ready to push myself to reach the holy grail of making the desired times for the test.

Unfortunately, the day leading up to the test, I had torn my hamstring and was unable to participate. The nerve-wreck of emotions that followed was awful. I felt very disappointed in myself because of all the work I had put in was ultimately put to waste with solely an injury.  Constant thoughts of failure were rotating in my mind and I just did not feel the same as a player after this.

Struggling to reach peak form after the injury was extremely hard for me. As small re-injuries occurred and fear of tearing my hamstring again prevented my growth to reach my previous form. With the help of such amazing athletic trainers such as Ben Shabb, I had gotten back to form but with little over a month left of the off-season, it had been too late.

Soccer, which once felt so important to me, started to feel like it was holding me back.

Although still on the roster, I no longer felt like I was of the Appalachian State Soccer Team. As the spring term came to an end, I made the decision to not be an athlete anymore. I was extremely afraid to quit, as I had never quit much anything before especially soccer, but I knew that it was the right decision for me at the time.

Life After College Athletics

The summer between my Freshman and Sophomore year of college was extremely reflective for me. With my parents, reminding me constantly that if the decision I made would to be the right one. Friends always asking me if I still play soccer at App State and having to say no was extremely shocking for a lot of people. Due to the reason because everyone knew me because of soccer. It was kind of weird not associating myself as an athlete anymore, to be honest.

For those few months, I didn’t know how to spend my time. There were large parts of my day that I had never had free before. When soccer no longer seemed as important to me, I began to learn that there were many other parts to my identity that I had not yet explored much.

Playing soccer had stripped so much from my social life that the majority of my friends were either soccer players or other athletes. Being tied down to the sport limited me to make other friends.

Many people believe that athletes live a privileged existence, although that may be true to some extent the reason being is that college athletics is more of a job. It’s not this all mighty peak and status quo but it’s literally a job. Logging in more than 40 hours of week is something that I physically/mentally demanding to a young player.

You Are More Than Just an Athlete

It has been over a year since not playing collegiate soccer, and quite frankly I am happier at Appalachian than ever before. I didn’t know if I would like college without having soccer in the equation. It was made clear to me that I am so much more than just an athlete and that Appalachian has way more to offer than just sports for me.

I began to explore the academics side of it. With being an athlete, you don’t have much time to join new clubs, participate in extracurriculars, or even take more courses to get ahead. My whole freshman year was dedicated solely to soccer and taking the minimum amount of coursework. I never went out of my way to join new clubs or to put myself out there as I did in high school where I was a part of 5 clubs in my senior year.

Although in my second year, I was able to join new clubs, meet new friends, and load up my coursework. I started to feel the spark again in nurturing my mind rather than with sports but with school as school can be fun if you know how to balance it.


I got so caught up in trying to be successful in the sport that I forgot why soccer mattered to me so much in the first place.

The best part about not playing anymore is that I was able to play soccer for fun again. After years of obsessive training and competing, it has been such a relief for me to be able to play for fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I still play soccer but it’s not at a high demand as Division 1 soccer was. I still play intramurals with my ex-teammates (pictured below) and club soccer that has given me the chance to meet cool new people that love the sport like I do.

Appalachian State University Soccer at Alpha Phi Tournament
Using our talents to secure Comeback Shack Gift Cards

Now, I am able to play with my friends and have fun without having the thought of “getting better” each time I played. Instead, I enjoy what is around me and I live in the moment.

Not being able to play has given me time to reflect on what my image and what I will become without soccer. My whole life I pictured of being a professional in the sport but realistic expectations were otherwise.

I now dedicate my time to improving my academics, networking, and finding other ways to achieve the happiness that soccer once brought into my life. One of those examples is the Life of Pedro blog.

Playing it will still brings joy but being on the competing end and working to reach that goal is like no other feeling. You get a much more satisfaction out of it and the great memories you make on your route to that dream is priceless.

Now I want to make a call to action to all college soccer players that have been in my same shoes, that have faced the adversity and that have realized that soccer wasn’t going to provide a living in the future. I want to be able to meet, talk, and find out what your life consists of without college soccer.

I am a huge believer that college soccer needs to be changed as more and more players quit whenever entering college. College soccer has a way of taking the fun out of playing the sport, but just remember this final though

You are MORE than just an athlete!

Your boy,

Pedro Segundo


Simple Ways to Start Your Blog TODAY & Make Money While Doing It

Diving into how to start your blog and seeing the ways in which you can monetize is one of the best ways to create passive income for yourself. I am no expert on this topic but I will share my experiences with blogging. Note this is a lengthy post with loads of information. 

Having your own blog can give you a huge presence in the online world as well as leveraging your influence to impact others.

The Benefits:

  • Building an amazing audience base that shares the same goals and interests as you
  • Ability to express yourself
  • Document your experiences and memories that can potentially provide value to someone else that helps them succeed along the way

Blogging can be a lot of fun too but it can also make you some serious cash if executed correctly. Today, I will be covering everything you need to know to start your blog and monetize it so you can live the life that you WANT!

Making Your Blog:

First things first, we need to create a website that you can call home for your lovely thoughts. We need to find a host. The topic of hosting can get really technical but a simple way to think about it is leasing a space on the internet that you call home. Kind of like my 12-month lease for my apartment in college.

The flip side of your apartment lease and hosting is actually really cheap. Hosting a website costs on average about $3-7 per month to set up.

Blue host is the website hosting that I use for and they have treated me so well since I joined them. They have a 30-day money back guarantee safety net that and provide top-notch customer service. Given this was my first ever website, they have been helpful in the process.


Below are instructions on creating your BlueHost Account:

1) Get Started Now

1 bluehost

2) Select Your Plan2 bluehost

3) Create Your Domain (This is your blue host

4) Create Your Account4 blue host

5) Install WordPress

Building Your TRUE Audience:

Next thing on your agenda is building a true audience. A true audience is the key to making your blog valuable.

Let’s take Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi for example. Whenever these two soccer superstars come out with a new cleat, there are millions upon millions of people that are die-hard fans that will sacrifice everything to get their hands on them. Like people will take drastic measures to get their hands on their idols new product. This can be applied to you as well.

All it takes is to build a strong solid audience base of around 100-1000 of true fans that

  1. Love your work so much they will buy whatever it is you are offering
  2. Notice how I said 100-1000. You don’t need millions of people to make this possible

For example. Let’s take an amateur soccer player who loves to play soccer and nothing else. All he needs to do is build a fan base of 100-1,000 people.

For instance. if he finds 1,000 people and offers ONE cleat or ONE jersey that are willing to give him $100 for his product

This equals out to be $100,000.

Can you live off that? You absolutely can. This is what your average college student thrives for, is a six-figure salary but here we do it in a passive approach as to getting a degree and getting a job to make that salary.

The amazing thing about this too, you don’t have to be the best blogger or influence in your industry or “niche.”

Now the more you build this the more income you are guaranteed to make and more channels of influence you gain.

Interesting story:

Whenever I was 12 years old, I had the dream of becoming a pro soccer player. After slow growth and frustration, I figured I would learn from a mentor to improve my skill set. That way I could actually play and all my friends would be peanut butter jealous. Hours of research led to one thing on how a Mexican little boy can achieve his dreams.

Finally, I found a guy named Matt Smith. He was a random guy that loved playing soccer and teaching people how to get better. I binged watched all his previous YouTube videos to kind of check out his style.

Sooner or later, it happened

Matt reached out to all his die-hard YouTube subscribers and asked if he made a training program if people would buy it? Everyone said yes. The birth of Epic Soccer Training came into place for the price of $50.

Matt has sold over 200,000 copies of his $50 training program.

Now do the math.


So just as Matt did, you need to figure out you are passionate about and begin writing about it.

You want to offer value in return for the reader reading your blog. This is where your creative brain that I know you all have comes into play.

But like anything else guys, this will take time. A lot of times it will feel as nobody is reading your blog except your mom but don’t give up. Give it a whole year before the thought of quitting comes into mind. 95% of people that start something completely new give up whenever things start to get tough. But remember, to live how other can’t you need to do what others won’t.

Matt Smith was making videos and tutorials long before he became famous. Now, he lives of that hard work he put in the beginning and barely has the work again. His program alone makes him about $10,000 dollars without ever having to work again. Why? Because he built his true audience base.

Ask yourself. Does working hard now and enjoying the beautiful things in life later worth it?

110% my friend

If he can do with teaching people how to play soccer better, imagine the endless things you can do.

Offer A Solution To The Customer:

Our biggest goal is to build your true audience. Building your audience is the most important component of this process and the one you should focus on when you first start out. Note, this is a marathon, not a 100m sprint.

No worries though, you can still make some cash flow by recommending products through affiliate marketing. I would highly suggest this route for your first year before you start selling your own products.

Now if you want to dig deeper into Affiliate Marketing: I will be posting a blog post specifically for that next week:

After you have built a strong following base, you are ready to send out details and updates

You can go two routes with this.

  1. Writing a blog post or uploading a video to your product or
  2. My preferred option: create an email list

Benefits of Creating an E-Mail List:

We all have fallen into giving away our email list to a company or brand just for that coupon or discount right? The same concept applies here

Whenever giving away your e-mail address you create a confidential relationship between you and the reader. In order to get their email list, you have to give them something to offer, it could be a funny joke, a cookie, and high-five literally anything guys!

Once you have infiltrated the inbox, you are in the clear. For me, my email inbox is where I store all my important information that interests me the MOST.

Now if you able to gain access to that space, you have a greater chance of the reader actually looking at your product/service and promotes an even higher chance of you closing on that reader. Sounds good so far right?

What I personally use for building an email list and send out my monthly newsletter and updates is, Get Response. Get Response is one of the mgetresponse-email-serviceost reliable, easiest and cheapest platforms to do this on. This platform automatically sends out these emails which is the beautiful thing about it. All the work you have to do it setting it up. The rest is taken care of.


This is how I’m doing it:

  1. I find out what people are interested in the most or something they are struggling with
  2. I research products and services to best help that needs
  3. I send them a funny and engaging email through Get Response and mention a product that is worth checking out
  4. The reader checks out the product and wallah you got a traffic and a sale

Easy enough right?

The beautiful thing is that by collecting this email list, you are able to contact directly with your readers and you know exactly what is they want. Focusing on the right product/service is the only hard part but once that is done you can let this machine roll.

Wow, that was a load of information in one post. Hope that this article was helpful to you!

Creating your own blog and making a living from it is extremely challenging and exciting. Now that you know all the basics that you need on how you can create a blog and make it worthwhile…

What is stopping you?

P.S. Here is a pic of me when I was 6 years old grinding hard af on these blog posts on my HotWheels Laptop


Your boy,

Pedro Segundo

NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

Increase Productivity & Simplicity In Your Life with ONE Product In 2018

How would you like to live a life where everything is made simple, easy, and quick?

A world that the Bruce Wayne’s and Tony Starks live in, where their personal assistants aid them and help them live their life all through the power of their voice.

In today’s blog post I will talk about a product that you NEED in order to adapt to our growing technological world.

Behold I bring you the Amazon Alexa

My Experience With Alexa

So, a little story on how I began to dabble with virtual assistants

Back when these products were released I was kind of skeptical about the whole thing. I was stubborn to follow the newest trend and sort of prohibited me to adapt to the modern time. I simply didn’t feel a need to buy this product. I would see constant ads and promotions on the internet, television and even in physical locations. I was bombarded by it.

Then one of my close friends in college, Cade, had gotten the Amazon Echo Plus during Thanksgiving Break.

Coming back to college we were all chilling in his room playing video games with other friends. I hear Cade say, “Alexa, play my vibes playlist” and immediately after you hear a very pleasing British female voice reply with “Alright, playing your vibes playlist” and then it began to play his playlist filled with nice and chill music, perfect for the occasion.

No movement, no fingers, everything was done on command with the voice

From this moment, I was intrigued.

My curiosity skyrocketed. I immediately began playing around with it and asking every possible question and request that came to mind. I wanted to test its full capacity and see what it could really do. How do I do that? I ask it one simple question.

Image result for 2014 derrick rose

Me: “Hey Alexa, who was the 2014 NBA MVP”

Google: “The 2014 NBA MVP is Derrick Rose”

Me: “Aye, that boy niceeeee!!!!”

I was sold.

What makes these Virtual Assistants so special though?

Products like Alexa & Google Home are powered by AI (artificial intelligence). An intelligence that only gets smarter the more data it collects and the more its used. Almost everything that is run by robots has AI integrated into them somehow.

Let’s be real, it’s the future and soon everyone will be talking to a cylindrical speaker on their kitchen counter asking what the weather is like for the day.

It is completely changing how we live our daily lives. Now, I don’t have to even get up to change the song, change the show I’m watching on Netflix or even text/call people. Alexa does it all. This makes life a heck of a lot easier and cooler, to be honest. This gives me more time to focus on more important things that actually need human use. Simple tasks and chores can be done all with AI.

That’s Not All

Not even are you able to connect your phone and maybe other Alexa models. There are dozens of products that you can connect that are compatible with Alexa to manage your home by the tip of your tongue.

Now imagine being able to control the lights in your home, change the channel or show, change the temperature of your home? It’s pretty darn sweet if you ask me.

If you aren’t making the change now, you will sooner or later. Artificial intelligence is the next big thing and virtual assistants like Alexa are not going anywhere. If you can’t beat them, join them!

Click a promo on the Amazon Alexa

Your boy,

Pedro Segundo

2019 Bonnaroo Announcement | Stay Tuned For Details

Today I will be talking about a lifetime opportunity that Jack & I will be offering to all of our friends and followers. We will announce details later but for now picture this.

This will not only make you want to drop everything and go but it will broaden your horizons to depths you have no idea were there. 

What better way of doing this? 

Attending a 4-day non-stop music festival where EVERY single individual is radiating energy. 

Bonnaroo has been an up and coming music festival that grows exponentially every summer. With growing averages of 80,000 people for the upcoming years.

With ridiculous headliners such as Eminem, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, and Major Lazer all varying in different styles and genres. 

So picture this…….

You and 5-6 of your closest friends taking a weekend-long journey witnessing amazing performances while all having the time of your literal life.

The best thing about it..

Everyone else has the SAME exact vibe. Everyone is out to make the best of it! From meeting new extravagant personalities, seeing some shit you never thought, and enjoying all of your favorite music in front of hundreds of thousands of people. 

If you’re not convinced yet


bonnaroo 2019

Hopefully, we’ll see you on the other side

Your boy,

Pedro Segundo

Improving Your Game in Soccer the Quick & Easy Way for 2018

Needing that extra drive and secret sauce to skyrocket your game from riding the bench to being a star player? You come to the right place!

In this blog post, I will talk about a course that helped me improve my game in soccer tremendously. I will also dig a little into my story about how it all came to be. 


Growing up as a kid, I have always loved soccer. It became one of my favorite past times as a child and quickly began growing to be a passion. 

I can still remember this day at my grandma’s house in Mexico where my very first present on my first birthday was a soccer ball. Words cannot express how enthusiastic I was as a child getting this present. It’s funny because I am not telling you from my point of view. I am telling you all this from my mother and grandma’s point of view because they were the only people present during my first actual birthday. My dad at the time was at the States traveling and finding a place to settle down before my mother going to that location. 

Let’s be real here for a minute. Who do you know that remembers their first birthday vividly? I know close to zero people that do unless you have an insane memory. 

But anyway, getting that first ball sparks joy into my eyes and immediately I start to play around with it, kicking it, pushing it around as I crawl, and overall just get curious about it. Honestly, life was amazing at the time because of A. no worries B. I had a soccer ball and C. I was a baby so who cares. 


As I got older and I began to start falling in love with it. Kicking the ball and just being around the sport was my absolute favorite thing and from those moments I knew it was something I wanted to work to get better.

Here are some vintage pics of Young Footballer Pedro. Promise me you won’t laugh.  

At the time soccer jerseys were about the only thing I wore. I kid you not THE ONLY THING I WORE. I’d rock these jerseys to school almost every day.

My attire from Kindergarten up until like 4th grade consisted of shorts, a jersey and tennis shoes. Funny thing is, in 3rd grade I would actually wear my cleats to school. Hearing the “click-clack-click-clack” walking down the hallways was the worst now that I think about it, but hey, you never knew when 5v5 was about to go down in recess. You always had to stay prepared. 


In my elementary years, I sucked. Like I really did suck. I remember sitting on the bench for youth soccer back when I was 6-7 years old and barely getting any playing time. This all was so awful because I WANTED to play because I LOVED to play. Sitting on the bench only discouraged me as a kid growing up. 

Going from my elementary team, middle school team, high school, club and all the way up to college my main objective was 

“How can I get better today?”

Getting better was the only way of making me happy and doing what I loved to do, so I did whatever it took to reach that. 


With that mindset and ambition, I would do virtually anything to learn a new trick, learn from the best and literally ANYTHING to get better.

Afterschool for me in my early days was binge-watch Youtube videos, highlights, games, and everything that had to do with soccer footage online. I really want to just digest everything I saw and somehow apply it to make my game better. I would mostly watch freestyle videos because I loved how they looked and they were by far the most fun things to do when playing. 

Every footballer reading this will understand this feeling.

“Bro, how did you do that”

“You have to teach me that”

“That’s really cool”

I fed off this and would just motivate me to learn more tricks/skills to do with the ball.

Image result for epic soccer training

During that time, the internet was vastly growing at an exponential rate. There were loads of videos, trainers, and courses being made available to inspiring footballers. Anything you could watch on Youtube at the time, I watched it at least 1,000 times. 

One of the videos that I kid you not, I watched over a million times was this “Ronaldinho Joga Bonito Video” I watched this so many times trying to emulate every trick, touch, and thing they did in that video. I also tried the bouncing off the walls tricks in my own living room. Jesus, did I break so many things cause of that. 

That weekly conversation of “I broke something again mom” was not pleasant but after happening so many times. They began to kind of shrug it off. I made them a promise that I would get better so I wouldn’t break stuff anymore. 

For those curious, here is a list of videos that I watched over and over again. Hey, maybe we binge-watched the same videos. 

Related image

There is beyond way more videos but these are a few of my favorites. If you haven’t noticed a lot of those are Ronaldinho videos. Ronaldinho growing up was my favorite player and style that I would try to emulate the most. I automatically fell in love with his playing style, flair, and skills. I loved him so much that I would constantly buy his jerseys, his signature cleats, and posters to put in my room. The guy was a pimp on the field. So I tried to be that. 


Learning tricks was the main thing I focused on at the time and still is but that wasn’t getting me to my main goal, of being a better overall player. I knew that I had to change to elevate my game to new levels.

By the age of 12, I saw that change was needed. The change I sought? A course. This was not just an ordinary course, it was a step by step guide in mastering the foundations of soccer and training programs that promoted that. Epic Soccer Training was the solution.

The crazy thing is, I was so stubborn about the fact of reaching out for help because I had the mindset that I was going to learn everything through on my own but that soon came to be inefficient and very frustrating. My parents were firm believers of that but after long talks and conversation after conversation, I convinced them to purchase the course. I promised in return for good grades in school. This was a frequent tactic I used a lot lol. 

The course that I bought was a course that helped me develop a “fail until you succeed mentality” as a kid. Many aspiring footballers get discouraged whenever things don’t go as well and I perfectly understand that because I too was in your same exact shoes. I would rage quit, I would get really mad whenever I would spend hours, days, weeks, and even months on learning a new trick or skill and would make few to none results. I understand, its really frustrating. 

Developing that mindset and having someone there along the way to help me really improved my game to a whole new level. Quickly after obtaining the program, I could see huge strides.

The course helped me to learn the tricks, skills and the most importantly the foundations of the game. If you look at the greatest players in the world, what is the one thing they mastered above all?


It presented these topics under a whole new light that not a lot of coaches and trainers had instructed me at that time.


Matt Smith, creator of the program was just starting out at the moment but with 15 years of experience integrated into this course, it has greatly improved and impacted many other players around the globe. Matt includes a FREE trial period for players to test out the program and really see if it something that they want.

Inside this program are loads of videos, strategies, training outlines, and secrets that every player wishes they had access to. The only thing to keep in mind is if you do not apply yourself and take the time to get better, you will not see results. You get by what you put into it

Anyone can learn this stuff. It takes some commitment, but the most important thing is to use your time wisely by starting my methods right away.

-Matt Smith

Actions over words are key

I will include the link down below for young aspiring footballers to check out what helped me to seek the results they need in the fastest amount of time possible. Click on the link down below to start your free trial. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 10.06.17 PM


Your boy,

Pedro Segundo