What Doing College at Appalachian State Is About – Boone, NC

Doing college at Appalachian has been one thrill I tell you. I have had the opportunity to meet so many new people, make amazing memories and most importantly, gain a valuable education. It’s funny when people say that App isn’t a “big school.” To be completely honest, we are not a big school when you compare us to the Florida State, UNC, and Tennessee but don’t you worry because we are getting there. From a newspaper article, it says that our whole West Side campus is going to be renovated. Interesting to see how it will look when I come back and mingle with all the alumni dads and we get to grill out and shotgun beers and constantly scream “Skooo Neeeeers.” Good times those will be. lol.

Currently, I am a double major in Banking & Finance along w Risk Management & Insurance with a minor in Marketing. You may ask why I chose these majors. First, if there is any field that is progressing and always going to be here is the world of Finance. Second, App’s Risk Management school was ranked Top 10 in 2016 according to Business Insurance. So from what I described, I’m obviously trying to major in something that I can dabble in, not an art/history major. No offense to those majoring in that but honestly, you’re setting yourself up to NOT get a job. Third, I chose marketing because it’s something that I thoroughly love doing and is something that will always be around.

College for me is a backup plan if all else fails. A college education won’t cut it for the lifestyle that I want to be able to live. Explains why I am trying to do other ventures to fund this lucrative lifestyle.

But here are some funny pictures from this past semester. The picture on the right is a dumbass mask that I purchased and ended up losing it 2 hours of wearing it in the snow. Took L’s that day. Enjoy.