Increase Productivity & Simplicity In Your Life with ONE Product In 2018

How would you like to live a life where everything is made simple, easy, and quick?

A world that the Bruce Wayne’s and Tony Starks live in, where their personal assistants aid them and help them live their life all through the power of their voice.

In today’s blog post I will talk about a product that you NEED in order to adapt to our growing technological world.

Behold I bring you the Amazon Alexa

My Experience With Alexa

So, a little story on how I began to dabble with virtual assistants

Back when these products were released I was kind of skeptical about the whole thing. I was stubborn to follow the newest trend and sort of prohibited me to adapt to the modern time. I simply didn’t feel a need to buy this product. I would see constant ads and promotions on the internet, television and even in physical locations. I was bombarded by it.

Then one of my close friends in college, Cade, had gotten the Amazon Echo Plus during Thanksgiving Break.

Coming back to college we were all chilling in his room playing video games with other friends. I hear Cade say, “Alexa, play my vibes playlist” and immediately after you hear a very pleasing British female voice reply with “Alright, playing your vibes playlist” and then it began to play his playlist filled with nice and chill music, perfect for the occasion.

No movement, no fingers, everything was done on command with the voice

From this moment, I was intrigued.

My curiosity skyrocketed. I immediately began playing around with it and asking every possible question and request that came to mind. I wanted to test its full capacity and see what it could really do. How do I do that? I ask it one simple question.

Image result for 2014 derrick rose

Me: “Hey Alexa, who was the 2014 NBA MVP”

Google: “The 2014 NBA MVP is Derrick Rose”

Me: “Aye, that boy niceeeee!!!!”

I was sold.

What makes these Virtual Assistants so special though?

Products like Alexa & Google Home are powered by AI (artificial intelligence). An intelligence that only gets smarter the more data it collects and the more its used. Almost everything that is run by robots has AI integrated into them somehow.

Let’s be real, it’s the future and soon everyone will be talking to a cylindrical speaker on their kitchen counter asking what the weather is like for the day.

It is completely changing how we live our daily lives. Now, I don’t have to even get up to change the song, change the show I’m watching on Netflix or even text/call people. Alexa does it all. This makes life a heck of a lot easier and cooler, to be honest. This gives me more time to focus on more important things that actually need human use. Simple tasks and chores can be done all with AI.

That’s Not All

Not even are you able to connect your phone and maybe other Alexa models. There are dozens of products that you can connect that are compatible with Alexa to manage your home by the tip of your tongue.

Now imagine being able to control the lights in your home, change the channel or show, change the temperature of your home? It’s pretty darn sweet if you ask me.

If you aren’t making the change now, you will sooner or later. Artificial intelligence is the next big thing and virtual assistants like Alexa are not going anywhere. If you can’t beat them, join them!

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Your boy,

Pedro Segundo