Appalachian State University – Boone, NC

The Boonies

App State in the home of the Boonies. You may know App State has the college town in the mountains that I pretty nice at Football. 99.9% of the people don’t fail to mention our football team. Founded in 1899 and still going strong. That’s a freaking long time, holy cow. I started going here in Fall 2016 and everything thing from there has been hands down a thrill. Don’t get me wrong the cold be playing me sometimes with 20-degree weather in the middle of April. Monday, you wear shorts and a t-shirt and then on Tuesday, you have to bundle with all your jackets to stay warm from this absolutely brutal winds.  Other people can relate to this one for sure.


The students at App are sometimes quite wary but different. You have the sports jocks repping their gear in central, the frat guy that has on only Patagonia, and the hippie-boonie person that you can tell….you can tell whose these people are. These people tend to walk around campus barefoot, carry a slack line because you never know when you’ll need one and flannels. These people are heavy flannel users especially males. The girls like to wear something that says “peace.” The school is about 90% white with the other 10% are distributed evenly with the other races.