What Is Making You Happy Today?

In today’s blog, I will talk about how you must remain true and positive to yourself.

I hope everyone is doing well in their personal ventures and experiences this summer. I want to thank everyone for reading this blog as I will dig deep into my personal life and how it could affect you to learn from my mistakes.

With loads of new thoughts and ideas I have started to come across, it has negatively drifted me away from people that I care, love and think about.

There can be many speculations on why this happened and today I will tell you exactly why.


Since the start of the summer, I made a personal goal to accumulate as much income and knowledge that I could throughout this short 3-month period. Consisting of learning as much that there is from financial issues and concepts that are happening in our legislative review. To find new and simple ways to take advantage of the rise of digital e-commerce and new business models.

Through my internship, I’m digging deep into industry leaders, issues, and campaigns on how we can better the consumer finance world we live in today. 

Along with that, I am trying to find other sources of cash-flow in order to invest in ventures that I want to take on in the coming month. With that being said, I’ve done all the following from picking up part-time jobs, Postmates delivery, Craigslist, and helping others in return for cash. Every possible way there is, I am taking advantage and capitalizing.

I have also begun to develop a better habit of reading books. To be completely honest, I have never been able to sit down and read an entire book even throughout high school and college. Reading has never been a strong suit for me.

The book that I am reading right now is Tim Ferris’, 4-Hour Workweek on how he dives deeply into the 80/20 rule. Basically, on how you can make better use of your time in order to produce the results YOU WANT with the shortest amount of time.

All of these new things that I want to take on as an individual has affected me personally as quoted earlier. I began drifting away and not being true to the people on the other side.

I felt as this was unfair to the other person and decided to split ways as not only was it unfair to them, it was unfair to me. You could say, “Pedro, but can you work around those things.” Yes, you’re totally right, you can. Though, I felt as it was time for me to venture out and begin trying to find out who I really am and figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

These past two years of college, I have experimented with many things. Playing Division 1 soccer, growing and promoting apps with social media platforms, but I came to the conclusion that those things weren’t reciprocating the same value and happiness that I was putting in.

I decided to leave those things behind me and focus on things that I CARE about and that truly make me happy.

Piles of emotion came to result of this. From doubting myself if it was the right decision and to be honest, who knows. No one in this world knows the right answer to that. The beautiful thing there is about life is that the next day awaits something new. That could be from getting a new job, meeting a new friend, getting something new in the mail from Amazon, or meeting a new special someone, who knows right? The possibilities are endless.  


Speculations about this topic can lead to negative things other people think about me. I’m here today to tell you what really is going on.

With the fact of not giving 100% and not being able to reciprocate that same emotion towards the other person made me make this decision. At the end of the day, if you are not happy as an individual, you will forever live your life, not to the fullest capacity. This blog is all about taking advantage of those things RIGHT NOW when we are young and have the luxury to drop everything and go try new things. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to settle for something that doesn’t fulfill you.

This can go many ways……

It could go from entering a career you don’t feel as passionate about doing

It could go from you being friends with someone that you feel is always taking advantage of you or doesn’t reciprocate the same level of friendship you do

It could go from settling with a mediocre job, knowing you can do so much better!

To be with someone that you don’t feel displays the same affection for you.

With all of this being said, I am here to tell you that everything tends to work out at the end.

If you have had any doubts about your life and don’t know how to address them, sit down and think.

Is it something you see yourself doing for the rest of your life, is it something you truly find passion in and most importantly, does it make you happy?

I did not make this decision because it did not make me happy, I made this decision so that I as a person could grow and find who I am and kind of figure things out. I’m not so clear on where things will take me, but I am ready to face any challenges that await on the other side and to grow from those experiences.


Dr. Greg Winch, psychologist and author of The Squeaky Wheel, says that regaining as much control over your situation as possible is necessary to help you “avoid feeling helpless and hopeless.”

This means to consider actions that could happen and take ownership of those things. Be confident in everything you do, and good things will happen. Below is one of my favorite quotes by Thoreau


Hope this blog post inspires you to think about your future and to remain true and positive for yourself. Because at the end of the day…

What makes you happy?

Your boy,

Pedro Segundo