2019 Bonnaroo Announcement | Stay Tuned For Details

Today I will be talking about a lifetime opportunity that Jack & I will be offering to all of our friends and followers. We will announce details later but for now picture this.

This will not only make you want to drop everything and go but it will broaden your horizons to depths you have no idea were there. 

What better way of doing this? 

Attending a 4-day non-stop music festival where EVERY single individual is radiating energy. 

Bonnaroo has been an up and coming music festival that grows exponentially every summer. With growing averages of 80,000 people for the upcoming years.

With ridiculous headliners such as Eminem, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, and Major Lazer all varying in different styles and genres. 

So picture this…….

You and 5-6 of your closest friends taking a weekend-long journey witnessing amazing performances while all having the time of your literal life.

The best thing about it..

Everyone else has the SAME exact vibe. Everyone is out to make the best of it! From meeting new extravagant personalities, seeing some shit you never thought, and enjoying all of your favorite music in front of hundreds of thousands of people. 

If you’re not convinced yet


bonnaroo 2019

Hopefully, we’ll see you on the other side

Your boy,

Pedro Segundo

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Pedro Segundo

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