Welcome To The Life of Pedro – June 2018

Whats good my fellow people! First I would like to thank you for being crazy enough to join me on this adventure as I record everything that happens to me on this Life of Pedro blog. June 14th is the day this blog officially launched!

If you have been following me on my Instagram my life looks kind of edgy but conservative at the same time. There is a lifestyle I have in mind and this blog will document my journey to reach that lifestyle. This is my first time ever writing a blog and bare with me now on everything as this will only get better… as I hope it does 😅 A little bit about myself. I’m a 20-year-old guy that just wants to live life to the ultimate capacity. I always had a niche to try new things until I find one that works!

Not so sure of what direction this will all go but my main purpose for making this blog is years from now I want to be able to look back at this and kind of reminisce on the good ‘ol days, days where there were no worries or realistic expectations. Most importantly I want to compare this to my future self and kind of see how I change as a person. But with all due being said Bienvenidos! I will try to blog frequently  on here to keep you in the loop of things

If you want to join me on this adventure follow my social media outlets and this blog !



Be yourself everyone is already a twat. — Some british guy

Your boy,

Pedro Segundo

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Pedro Segundo

Student | Blogger | Thrill-Seeker

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